Flashing Instructions For Linux

Getting your Quartz64 Model B up and running is easy! Just follow these steps and pay close attention to the instructions.

Downloading The Image

Head on over to the releases page for the latest release and download plebian-debian-bookworm-quartz64b.img.xz from the "Assets" section.


Insert your target medium (either an SD card or an eMMC module with an eMMC adapter) into your computer. Run lsblk to figure out which device node under /dev/ it is. This page will refer to it as /dev/sdX from now on. Make sure the device is not mounted!

Next, on the terminal, paste the command
xzcat plebian-debian-bookworm-quartz64b.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=16M oflag=dsync status=progress
replacing /dev/sdX with your target block device's name.

As soon as the command completes, your storage medium is ready to be used.

Next Steps

For information on your next steps, please consult the RUNNING.md in Plebian's quartz64-images repository. It'll tell you the default login details and give you some hints regarding specific aspects of the board and software stack.